Adding notes for each contact

It would be wonderful to have unlimited space and be able to add unlimited additional notes for each contact, to be able to hit a button quickly to add notes when we interact with each client ongoing. If we had the option to add a note, and it would be assigned with a date and time automatically, and then we could type what we needed in there without character limitations and be able to do this ongoing without limits.
Status changed to: Voting Open
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I use the Notes box as a copy & paste clipboard when I am adding information for people, or updating records. It is such a tiny window that when I need to grab just one line of text, say an address, the box scrolls up & down so rapidly that it takes me several tries to just grab what I need.


Why not enlarge this box and make it more useful & user friendly?

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Our latest updates to the contacts system have made some improvements to the Notes feature. You can have multiple, time stamped notes, you can edit and delete notes, and the field to enter in a note is larger.

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