Allow customization of mobile view

Currently, emails are automatically configured for mobile view. However, this feature has errors and is aesthetically unpleasing. I would love to see the ability to edit/customize both the desktop and mobile views.


You can spend so long making the desktop newsletter look great - then view it on a mobile and it looks so bad you don't even want to send it!


This feature is a must ... 

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Hi everyone,


Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain to share your feedback on this feature request. We’ve compiled and discussed this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments pertaining to this request, but we are continuing to share the feedback and use cases discussed here. We will mark this as Acknowledged and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Yes, to be clear, this feature not being available is a big reason why I am advising my company to use a different platform. The mobile view makes emails our team spends time constructing look very unprofessional. 


Our company would love the ability to edit mobile-only things that will not affect the way things appear on a desktop and vice versa. It is quite frustrating that if you change one the other changes as well. It would be helpful if they were separated.




Customers have been asking for this feature since 2017. Now 5 years later when mobile usage is the highest it's ever been, this feature is more important than ever.


My organization recently started using side-by-side layouts, with text and images alternating on left and right (bucolic tours substituted for actual content):


desktop side-by-side.png


Unfortunately, for items such as the above, on mobile the left > right order is implemented as top > bottom:



It's possible in HTML to specify a different order for the same content in single-column vs. two-column display, by using the HTML "dir" tag to set the order in which the container displays blocks. Put the waterfall block first and set the container's "dir" to "rtl," and the waterfall will display on the right in two-column layouts. "ltr" can be set in a media query to override the "rtl" setting in one-column layouts:



I don't see a way to access this aspect of HTML currently without switching from a template to HTML (which we don't want to do!) It would greatly enhance the functionality Constant Contact delivers to us to have GUI access to this ability in the Constant Contact editing interface, perhaps by an additional button in the floating menu for formatting blocks, when more than one horizontally arranged blocks are detected:


 Thanks for considering this suggestion!


has this still not happened yet?!?!!?

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Editing in mobile view should already be a basic feature. Please update so we can edit in mobile view. A lot of time is spent creating the emails for them to be reformatted by the automatic mobile configuration and end up looking like a toddler created them. 

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