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When I reviewed my credit card statement yesterday I found an unexpected charge from you. Before you automatically bill my credit card (5 days ahead of the bill date) it would be good business practice to send me an email notice. I get one about every email I send, so you're obviously set up to do this. But for this most important one, nothing. Other companies I deal with send a notice a week or two before the payment date saying "Your account will be billed $xx on (date)."

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Interesting!! I just saw that they have taken money out of my account early as well!!!! And you cant cancel unless you ring them!!! Disgraceful in this day and age!!! I will no longer be refering our customers to constant contact as constant contact will cause me embarrassment down the track!!

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Hey @Friends_Fort_Myers_Library, thanks for sharing your feedback on this. It looks like your account is indeed setup for annual billing. With annual billing, the system will see that you have an upcoming payment and if your balance cannot fulfill that payment, it will process the annual charge prior to that payment date in order to ensure your account is not placed in a delinquent state. I understand it would be ideal for these charges to occur on the actual billing date and have placed this idea into "Voting" so we can get feedback from other users as well. 

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Hi everyone,


The good news is accounts are now billed on the payment date instead of five days before. If it is still occurring or if you have any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.

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