C Contact makes it easy to add contacts yet difficult to investigate & delete unwanted ones. Shiesty

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They have made it labor intensive to investigate useless contacts and delete them. I have been with Constant Contact a long time. Every time they upgrade their site they make it harder to investigate useless emails. They force you to go from page to page or from action to action when all they have to do is add a delete button action that will fully delete the contact. Or create another reports page that will show you a list of contacts that have not opened their emails for the last 2, 5, 10 emails sent. Then you could just delete that list. Their system has been carefully developed that way. You wont notice until you have had sent multiple emails with a low open rate. When you go to investigate that email list thats when you notice the 'Purposeful' way they set it to navigate. My significant other owns a tech company. Making it easier to research and delete unwanted emails isn't rocket science. Given the nature of their business I have to come to the conclusion that the know exactly what they are doing and are clear on the motivation for not creating a site that caters to this obvious need of a business using their site. They make it a time consuming burden for businesses to delete their contacts. But make it super easy to add them. It scamy and I will be leaving them asap. They make their money on how many contacts you have in your list. It is in their interest to make it more difficult for you to delete useless contacts. They know small business owners do not have the time traverse their site the way they have it set up. Shiesty business practices.
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 Hello @TamiM37,


Thank you for submitting this, we appreciate any feedback as we look into redesigning our Contacts page.

We did recently introduce a Segments feature that allows you to segment contacts that have not opened any of your 'n' number of emails, among many other filtering criteria. Here is an article explaining how to use it and where it can be found: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/25205-Define-Your-Own-List-Segments.

We are also looking to make managing and navigating contacts easier in the new interface by allowing customizable columns and making it easier to go from contact to contact when editing or deleting.


What are some of the specific areas you find difficult to manage so that we can get that officially reported to our Product team so they're aware when doing the work? What are some common steps you take that are not intuitive or easy?

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I too am having this trouble.  I had not connected the dots as to why there is this glaring omission.  Thanks for pointing it out.  I, too, have been paying them for years.  Will be switching to a competitor soon.

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