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I specifically called in to ask if you could add an event to your personal calendar.  The cs agent said we do not operate like “gmail” – we do not have the option to add events to your calendars. 


Below is what I found when I dig a little deeper on your website.   This is what I was asking me to help me figure out.  #needsmoretraining


Thank you


Add an Event to a Personal Calendar

Your Event campaign registrants can add your Event to their personal calendar by clicking on the "Add to my calendar" link. If you included an Event Description, it automatically displays on the registrant's calendar file which makes it easy for them to recognize your Event. The "Add to my calendar" link appears on multiple Event pages like:

  • Invitations and event related emails
  • Registration form
  • Registration confirmation page
  • Registration confirmation email
  • Event landing page

When the "Add to my calendar" link is clicked, your registrants have the option to save or download an ICS file (part of iCalendar) that can be used to add the event to a registrant's default personal calendar. If an Event is canceled, the campaign needs to be manually removed by the registrant from their calendar.

Depending on the type of calendar and settings your registrants have on their computers, it might automatically open an appointment or they might have to click on the ICS file manually to create the appointment on their calendar.

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Thank you for the feedback @CarolS799,


I'm glad you were able to find your answer.  It sounds like the person you spoke with may have confused your question with our marketing calendar, which is different than the event calendar.  I'll make sure to pass your feedback along!


I have a related question - in the registration link that I am sending the save to my calendar downloads the link to the registration form and not the event.  what am I not doing correctly?

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