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Can you please put back the option to copy and change the original name of a campaign when you copy it to create next.

I have many campaigns that I do monthly and I copy the the previous month to keep some format. 

I used to be able to just change the month in the title cause it would auto fill with the same name.

Then you changed it so the previous name was showing so I could highlight and copy and paste and change one word. Now nothing is there to copy and I have to retype the entire name of the campaign.


Thank you


Westside Liquor

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Thanks for posting! 

In the old days, when you copied an email, the title would be "Copy of xyz ..." It made it easy to keep your naming convention, by deleting "copy of" and just changing the date or number. Now, you cannot see the name of the email you are copying - you have to memorize it. My brain is too full, I can't memorize. Please return the ability to see the original name of an email you are now copying. Thank you.

I'm told this is a common request and it's being looked into, but it would be nice if when a campaign is copied it would retain the previous campaign name so it can be edited instead of typing it from scratch. We copy emails daily with date names and it would be nice to use the new editor for those without having to open the previous and copy/paste the campaign name each time.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Thanks for the great comment feedback. We have made a change so that the old campaign name will show when you copy emails.

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