Cannot use "Greeting" tag with "View as Webpage"

For our daily newsletter, we have used both the "Greeting tag" and "View as Webpage" with no problem. When the recipient clicked on "View as Webpage", the greeting tag would say "Greetings!". Please check the "View as webpage" from the August 18, 2022 campaign - On August 19, the View as webpage now displays "Good morning Daryl" instead for ALL recipients - The View as webpage should display the Default Greeting NOT the Personal Greeting of the editor of the newsletter. This was brought to my attention by recipients of the newsletter wondering what is going on. I spent a useless hour on the phone with Customer Service who did NOT understand my question so for now I've had to delete the "Greeting tag" insertion since we have recipients who require "View as webpage" to see the images. Can you please fix this?



Hi @DarylL97


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have received reports of some users seeing the account owner's name appears in the web version of the email, instead of the greeting tag's fallback. This is a defect and is visible when viewing the campaign's Share link or when clicking a View as Webpage link in an email. Because this is not being experienced by all users it is being troubleshooted on a case by case basis. This does cause us to not have a time estimate of when this defect will resolved. We do however want indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect reports. If we hear anything in the future regarding this feature request, we will update the thread.  

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I contacted ConstantContact about this weeks ago. I did my own bug testing and troubleshooting that seems to point to the issue being linked with the id names that are used for the default fields. What we did as a fix was duplicate the "First Name" column on our contact list (so it appears twice) and re-import the list and map the duplicated column to a "new" custom field named "First--Name". Then when you edit your email, select insert "Contact Details" instead of the Greetings tag, and select your Custom tag instead of the default tag.  This way the emails are still personalized, and the view in web browser still works.

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Thank you Ecook! Brilliant solution, love the work-around! For the moment I have deleted the greeting tag since the View as Webpage is required by some of our readers to view images.  Hoping Constant Contact can fix this at some point but will look into using your work-around.

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