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I REALLY need to be able to add a caption under photos in our newsletters. The option of adding text on top of a photo is not a good option at all. The caption should be immediately beneath the photo in a stand alone text box. Also, it would be extremely helpful to be able to position a photo within an article anywhere within the photo -- not at the very top.
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We are updating the status of all ideas to hopefully provide better insight into where the issue is in the product pipeline. The status of this idea is being updated to Under Consideration meaning the request is known and there is a ticket in our product/engineering backlog for this item. Thank you for all the feedback so far.

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@nmhs_seahistory has it right. Fix the gaping spaces in the existing text block. The problem with using the existing text block (aside from the fact that it doesn't work in every case of image blocks) is that it both looks ugly and the eye does not readily see it as associated wtih the image because it is so far away and lines spread out. For these reasons, I def am surprised that @RobertE473 thinks the existing text block works "just fine."


Actually, in thinking about this, I realize that nearly every block has way too much margin to allow the parts of the email associate with each other the way one would want. This is why a lot of us early on in this thread were arguing that we need the ability to specify the padding or margins of the text block.

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I agree with Julie L34 that the formatting in place now leads your eye away from the photo. I would love to specify my own padding and margins. In the old days, you had the option to change the coding if you didn't like Constant Contact Lite. Now, you just have those unwieldy drag and drop boxes.


Additionally, I can't just have a floating photo in my email when I need to give attribution to the photographer. Therefore, leaving a photo without a caption is not an option. 

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Important point raised by @SueW188 about crediting a photo. I find myself selecting a less desirable photo to use when inset into text because of the inability to include a caption (in this credit a photo credit). So I end up with a layout that communicates something less, or different, than intended. And yes, I know I can add a pixelated caption in photoshop but (a) who wants to jump into another program to solve something that should be a feature of the layout tools and (b) you have to experiment to get a size that works right and even then it usually appears gray and blurry.


Seems like everyone has been reading my mind.  It's amazing that something as simple as allowing for a caption under a photo is "Under Consideration" for months ... years?  Award winners can't be identified. Photographers can't get credit. The story behind the photo is lost in the copy. 


Maybe it's time for CC to hire designers who can guide the tech folks?  


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I guess it's because they are focused solely on marketing mailings, where captions aren't really of the same import. Wonder if there is an ESP that is more focused on things like newsletters.

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