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Today (9-2-21), upon signing into my Constant Contact account to continue updating my website, I saw this article come across my screen and was intrigued. Get a business email address with Gmail Article: 000039081 Updated: March 17, 2021 In this article, it states that, if you already own a domain, you can get an email address that matches your domain through Google Workspace, and proceeds to show a step-by-step process of how to do so, for the low cost of just $6 per month for a single email address. I jumped at the chance to make my website and online business more professional by adding this feature. I started a Google Workspace account, chose my admin email to match my domain name following the steps provided. Firstly, Google Workspace started me at Business Plus for $18/month, after a14-day Free Trial, which thankfully can be changed. Bullet dodged. At the bottom of the article, it says, "You can now use your new domain-based email address! Be sure to verify it in your Constant Contact account to use as your From Address when sending emails to your contacts." I followed both links and the step-by-step instructions. To verify the domain with Google Workspace, one must use Admin Console (Google) to enter MX Records in DNS Management of the domain. I looked for this in Constant Contact dashboard under My Settings>Verify Address> Email Addresses to Verify. I entered my new email, pressed enter, and saw, "check your email to verify this address," followed by a "pending" status under Verification at the top of the page. Easy! Wrong again! The Admin Console in Google Workspace shows a notification to verify my domain, so I click and was returned to, "Activate Gmail" page with the same prompt to enter MX Records in the DNS Management. So, I called Constant Contact for help because I'm not a web developer! I'm an artist! Sadly, the nice man (Eduardo) who answered my call had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Low and behold, the manager has no idea what I'm talking about, either. I refer them both to the article I found and described my entire process to them, as well. Sadly, there was a further discrepancy as to the date the article was published (July 2020) but the last date he saw that it was updated (September 2020), which was entirely different than on my end. The manager confirms that Constant Contact does not offer or allow access to MX Records and that I needed to call Google. At this point, I am already surmising that there is no solution because the article was not only incorrect but also inaccurate and incomplete as to how the process was to be finished. Sure, fine, okay. It's an "office" day, for me, anyway. So I call Google Workspace. The nice man who helped me, there, confirmed that I would indeed need access to MX Records in DNS Management via Constant Contact to communicate through Workspace. I shared the article information with him, as well, and he was surprised not only by the problem I was experiencing but also by the lack of inaccurate information that the article provided. Assumingly, the author had a different account type than myself, which is the only thing I can think of, or they work for Constant Contact, and they didn't think the process through from a web host-client, like myself. Thusly, I have canceled my subscription to the domain email I wanted to use but I haven't deleted my account, yet, because I am hoping someone on your end has a solution for me! If the MX access cannot be added to my dashboard, can someone on your end add
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Hi @JenniferB5045 thank you for sharing your feedback on this experience you've had! This is definitely not the experience we want our users to have, so we do apologize for any confusion there has been with setting up your business email address.


The good news is users can add or manage their domain DNS information by logging in and going to the Websites and Stores tab > Domains tab > Edit next to whichever domain they want > DNS Management tab. Because this experience is connected to Website Builder, we do suggest reaching out to Website Builder support directly for any further questions related to the domain DNS or Google Workspace.

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Is calling Website Builder Support different than calling Constant Contact? Because, as I mentioned, I called CC directly and they seemed confused.

Also, your link won't open for me.

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