Copying Autoresponder series

It would be AMAZING if we could copy an entire autoresponder series. This would make it easier to duplicate parts that need to be similar without redoing the whole thing or copying them from the newsletter section.


Please add the functionality to copy an email from an autoresponder series to another. This would save soooo much time!


Hi Jon,

You can copy from one series to the other if you would like. Use the actions menu on the right of the email you want to copy and choose to copy it. From the overlay window choose the series to copy it to. 

6-10-2014 10-27-10 AM.png

Hello, Below is a list of possible improvement for the autoresponder feature. 1. Create a way to copy an entire series. It will save a lot of time...currently, we have to copy each individual email. 2. 'Create a new series' does not work if you select a list without any contacts. You have to have at least one contact in a list for it to be a selectable option when creating a new series....this is very frustrating. 3. In the autoresponder view, please add the 'click thru rate'. We are not interested in how many opens...just the click thru rate. We can't even find a way to get the percentage without calculating it manually. 4. After an auto responder series has completed the last email (say after 30 days), how do we re-run the series without having to recreate it? Or if we add an additional automated email after the series has run out (after 30 days), will it send it to all the contacts in the list. Kind regards.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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I setup a new series, and unfortunately I'm only able to transfer emails one at at time.

Thanks for posting this feedback! Are you copying existing emails to use as Autoresponders?

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That way I don't have to re-create every email. Thanks!

Hi @MacCormac_College

Great feedback, thanks for posting~! DI dyou know you can copy an individual campaign to another series if you would like. This would be much quicker than re-creating each email within the new series. 


Click the Actions menu to the right of the email and choose "copy". Then use the "Assign to" dropdown menu to pick a series. 


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it's INSANE that I have to manually reproduce every email in a series into a new campaign. That takes FOREVER. A simple duplicate campaign (series) button would be SO easy.




Thanks for posting!

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