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I have been a long time user of constant contact. Unfortunately your changes not reporting statistics for custom code as well as showing thumbnails and scheduled times has made it necessary for me to find another source. I've used your system for over 9 years and have always had reporting for custom code. Additionally, on the scheduled page, at a glance I could see a thumbnail and time scheduled for the blasts that were running. My client is given statistical reports every 15 days of their opens, clicks, spam, opt outs and forwards. With the new change, I have to open each eblast individually to attain the information for multiple eblasts that I send during the course of a week. This is a huge waste of my time to have to do this individually and manually. I have used custom code from the onset of our relationship with CC. Changing our system now is not something we are willing or able to do. We offer our client a service and our "back end" is based on being able to take their information and incorporate it into our custom code to create their eblast. I am greatly disappointed at the change and will be searching out other messenger services to find which best matches our needs. Fail Constant Contact a huge fail!

 HI @MarketingM98316

Thanks for your feedback on the new reporting page! I understand this is a frustration point for you. Have you looked into seeing the reporting by clicking the email name? This isn't ideal but is a good workaround for now.


Please continue to vote and share ideas on things you would like to see implemented! 

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Hi Hannah,


Yes, that is the only way to attain statistical reports.  Unfortunately, when you've got 30 or more of them to do at one time, it's a bit much to and very time consuming.  I am so disappointed.  This is taking up to much time that I do not have.

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