Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

On the contact page, please give choices to display this list that are meaningful (useful) to the user. I need to see the contacts Title (Mr. Ms. Dr., etc.), the state / country, and I need the display to be my new default if I so choose. The display options currently offered are not useful and always revert back to the worst of the display choices which means every time I use CC I have to change settings, and if I move around the site, I have to change settings over and over, again and again, each time I go back to contact page. You're destroying my time management with all these new hoops to jump through.

I have the same issue.

In the next week or two we'll be adding a choice for how many contacts you want to display per page. The default will still be 50 but you'll be able to increase that up to 500. Once you choose how many you want to display per page, that change will "stick" as long as you're using hte same computer and web browser.
We should be able to customize the data fields to suit OUR requirements and not be locked into what Constant Contact wants. No every CC user tracks company names. The sign-up form is counterproductive as currently designed. Give us a break and allow us to define the fields as WE want them.
It would be great if the reason for the bounce could be on the contact list page. It was save a lot of time.
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- I can't effectively determine which contacts are in my "all" list that are not on my "active" list. - All fields should be displayed in the contact screen so I can sort by data in any field. - I would like to delete contacts who have never opened an email. I don't see any way to view number of opens.
When I review my list activity I would like to be able to see columns that are important to me. For example, if I see that 10 people unsubscribed, I would like to be able to see a custom column so that I can evaluate a commonality. Perhaps they all unsubscribed because they were also associated with X. Now, I might conclude that X people are less interested in my newsletter and I can make adjustments. If I need to look at each person individually, it is challenging to make such an assessment.
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Hi Dory. There are custom fields that you can create and use. Are you more concerned about being able to see them from the main contacts screen?

In ***removed by mod***, you can toggle which columns or custom fields you can organize your contacts by. If I need to add tags to these people, having all of the field labels available would be helpful. Right now you just have the 2 different versions in the gear button.

The default "Website sign-up form" is not particularly useful.
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