Customizable Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!

By selecting fields I wish to view.
We need to be able to see the title column in our view of contacts. Because we segment our markets by title and region, we would like to be able to customize our view.
It would be beneficial if the Choose Your View settings allowed me to Customize the columns visible. I use Custom Fields to track where I acquired each contacts name & email address and would like to be able to select customers by that field to create new mailing lists.

I would like to merge an HTML invoice field from our database into an e-mail. The maximum length for a custom field is currently 50 characters which has been the standard for quite some time and is very prohibitive! I would like constant contact to expand the length to a 1,000 characters.  If we had at least one field that we could merge in, it would be extremely helpful in generating e-mail invoices. I hope you would consider this enhancement in your future development efforts. 


Thank you!!

Status changed to: New
Thank you for your suggestion. We have currently increased the custom field length to 255 characters long from 50. Another change is that you no longer have a limit to how many fields you can create. Your vote has been submitted for a 1,000 character custom field. Please keep voting for this and any other features you want to see.
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I have to pull contact information by county. Can you please make one of the option on the view list menu a "county". Since we don't normally enter "city" in our contacts or "company", these sorts are totally useless to me. Please, please make county one of the choices. Thank you!
Status changed to: New
Hi Anita, custom fields are contact fields that you customize or create yourself if they are not available as a standard field in Constant Contact. Example you want to add your contact's "department" or their birthday. Those are not standard fields, you can create custom fields for them so you can import that data and even use them in your email. To create custom Fields, click My Settings > click Manage my Custom Fields on the left under Custom Settings. Hope that helps!
Is there a way to rearrange (customize) the column headers in the Bounced Contacts report?
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It would be very useful to be able to choose the fields displayed in a chosen list or search, not just the two options you give. Example: I would like to see the tags of my unsubscribed contacts list (which in my case are tied to the source of email addresses) so I can understand better the value of different channels of email gathering -- as if, on a promotion, they give us their emails, but after claiming promotion they unsubscribe.
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I am trying to clean up my contacts that just aren't opening up the emails. Could you add that as an option for a "column" where source or date added is located? Currently I have to open each contact individually to see activity which is too time consuming.
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