Deleting Bounces Remain on Bounced List

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After I choose and then delete the bounced email addresses I no longer want, why do I see them on the list afterwards. I'd prefer they were gone - I deleted them after all. Sometimes I come back and still see them at a later date crossed out. What's the point? This is confusing and not good for your users.


Hi @RonnieR


What list are you seeing deleted bounce contacts on? Bounced contacts that have been deleted under the reporting tab will automatically be removed from the list of active contacts in your account. They will however still remain on your sent reporting, but crossed out, for user record tracking.

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Thank you for the feedback. After deleting or editing bounced contacts they will remain on the campaign bounce report with a strikethrough on them. This is due to the campaign's reporting keeping historical record of opens/clicks/bounces regardless of if the contacts are still in your list or not. The deleted bounced contacts should not still be in the actual contact list that you are sending to and will be removed. We'll keep this idea open to see if we get other comments on this because it may be confusing.

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