Drag and drop scrolls too fast

When trying to add a block to my campaign, the pink line that appears moves much too fast. Thank you.

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You asked for details:

Asus Desktop M32BC (Asus Desktop AMD FXSeries 8GB Memory 2TB Hard Drive Black
VivoPC Series) 32 MB RAM, 2 TB disk.

Windows 10 Version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.1526)

Firefox V98.0.1 (64 bit)

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 - Pointer speed medium, Enhance pointer precision checked

Dragging either an image (from the image list) or the text element (from the build list) to the document (with the target location positioned to the middle of the window) causes immediate scrolling. The document typically scrolls UP (a point in the document goes up) until the target position is above the window. Moving the mouse cursor up (to the top of the window) causes the document to scroll down. Both the scroll up and the scroll down are extremely fast; when scrolling down with the target position starting above the window, it will scroll past the bottom of the window before the user can move the mouse to a position that stops the scrolling (if the user can find such a position).


What other information do you need?


Hi @JonathanK02


Thanks for following up with these details! We have tracked this information in your account and submitted it to the appropriate teams on your behalf. We will reach out to this thread directly with any future updates.


I've had this issue with two different computers now, both Macbook Pros (one from 2012, one from 2021). When dragging images, the slightest twitch of the mouse sends the page rocketing upwards or downwards. It makes composing emails like playing a game of surgery. I would drop CC for another platform, but this this happens to be the standard for my job.


Has the Constant Contact team been able to replicate this issue, and has anyone else figured out a solution over the past few years? Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi @PeterS2920


Are you having this experience in our cross device editor as well?

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I have this issue as well. Hopefully you can fix.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

With the introduction of our CPE editor, dragging blocks now occurs at a slower, more manageable pace. We'll keep this thread open for a period of time to see if this helps.


I continue to have the same issues and cannot add new elements into my newsletter on my mac. It's beyond frustrating and cannot continue to have the lack of functionality. I have a 2019 MacBook Air and using MacOS Monterey 12.5.


We have this same problem and it is maddening. Like others, we find building our newsletters taking much longer than it should due to this persistent issue. Our organization is considering switching to another product if this does not improve. 

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