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On the page: https://app.constantcontact.com/pages/seobuilder/website#bookings There should be an easy way to edit the booking page. The only menu option is to preview the page.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @Gustavo_GDM. How else do you want to edit the booking page? How does the Brand Settings not fit your needs?





We have a bookings' page on Constant Contact. We have added new services, but I see no way to edit the published page and add the new services. My choices are simply to get the link, preview the page - no way to edit it. If I have to delete the existing page, then rebuild it with the new services, I'd rather just drop constant contact and get a booking service.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

The bookings page should be dynamic and automatically add any new services you've added. I recognize there might be other customizations that people might want to make to their bookings pages, so we will change this status to Gathering Information. Please feel free to leave comments on which customizations you'd like to make to your booking pages.

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