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I wish there was a way to email your support group on the weekends when the chat is not available.  The email feedback is the only way I found to communicate on the weekends.


I realize there is the community, however I did not find my issue via the community pages.  I would like to know if there is a way to import the pdf version of my campaign into as one whole page. Once it is on the Chambermaster website, the pdf version of the campaign, does not reflect as a whole document.  


The only way to keep the links that are on the campaign is to import as a pdf file.  The jpg and the png versions import as an image so the links in the campaign are not included once imported in Chambermaster.  Since the are images, I am unable to create links where they belong as stated on the campaign.  The Sebastopol Chamber would like to import all their newsletters into their Chambermaster website as they are created (to avoid reinventing the campaign a second time).  We already email the campaigns to our members, however we would like the public to see our newsletter as well.


I spoke with Chambermaster support and we want to avoid any copyright issues, but still be able to report our newsletter to our community and the public.


Thank you,


Lisa Garcia

(707) 823-3032

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Hey @LindaC037, thanks for your feedback! The best way to include your campaigns within your website is the Archive feature. This would allow you to embed a list of your campaigns on your webpage and users could click on the link to view the email. This will retain all links, images, and content. It also updates automatically so you don't have to! Here's some more information on the Archive feature:


Regarding the weekend email support, I've added your feedback to that feature request in which can be found here:

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Hey @NJSPJ, thank you for letting us know about this suspicious email you received. Our compliance team was able to resolve the issue, however, we suggest you change your password immediately if you clicked on the link within the email. Any communications that we (Constant Contact) send you will be from an official email address which will end with If you're ever suspicious of an email you receive claiming to be related to Constant Contact, please send it to "" and we'll review it promptly. 


You may also find this post interesting as it shows you how to detect a phishing email, such as this one: Phishing: How to Identify and What to Know

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