Enough of the Calendar View Notice

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Calendar view has been a feature for a while now. I do not need to keep seeing this feature highlighted with the entire screen going dark every single time I go to the campaigns page.
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Thank you for the feedback @SSX_Marketing,


The notice that you are seeing shouldn't be appearing every time you visit the campaigns page.  It is, however, cookie based, so it's possible that if you clear cookies on your browser frequently it could keep popping up.  Does it typically happen once when you log into your account?  Or does it happen every time you visit the campaigns page?

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Hi Patrick,

I checked my browser settings so that it is always accepting cookies. However the notice is still appearing. It seems that the notice appears not every time I go to the Campaigns page, but after I navigate several steps away and then click on the Campaigns tab, i.e. it doesn't appear if I go to for example, the Reporting tab, and then right back to the Campaigns tab.

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