Evenspot Improvements -- This Would be Good for Constant Contact and Customers

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Unfortunately, the editing, creating, and sorting capabilities of the EventSpot side of Constant Contact are are archaic.


Below I've outlined the cons of the current system and the steps that could be taken to drastically improve the experience for Constant Contact users and users signing up for events.


Cons of Current System:

  • Templates are severely outdated and not up to modern standards
  • Events are not mobile friendly
  • Finding and exporting analytics from events is not easy to do
  • Very limited data available from events
  • Very limited editing capabilities



  • General improvements that could be made:
    • Create modern and mobile friendly templates (quality over quantity)
    • Add drag and drop functionality
    • Allow events to be embedded onto users websites
    • Add an event calendar/schedule that could be added to users websites
    • Add the ability for mobile preview
    • Add an Event registration progress bar, so people who are signing up for an event know which step they are on (for multi-page/multi-user registration)
  • Add better editing functionality:
    • Ability to select whether a field is 50% width, or 100% width
    • Ability to edit background colors of fields or event pages, so that events can be more branded to a companies look and feel
    • Ability to select the button and field styles (rounded, square, outlined)
    • Add prebuilt building blocks that event registration's typically require
      • Contact Information
      • Company Information
      • How Did You Hear About Us
      • Etc.
  • Add better event analytics:
    • Add analytics for data such as:
      • Registration Count
      • Conversion Rates for Event Registration
      • Location of Registrant / Event
      • Revenue
    • Create custom triggers for tracking:
      • Allow users to see conversion rates for event registration 
      • See how many people fell away from registration, and at what point they did (this helps people to see if they are asking for too many fields in their registration)
  • Have better event segmentation:
    • Add the ability to sort/view registrants by:
      • How they found out about your services/classes
      • Location
      • Revenue Spent
      • Etc.
    • Sort contacts through certain parameters:
      • Contacts who haven't signed up for an event, even though they were sent an invitation.
      • Contacts who haven't signed up within a certain time table, even though they were sent an invitation. (6 months, a year, etc)
      • Etc.


Benefits of These Changes:

  • Increase registrants engagement and conversion rates.
  • Give Constant Contact customers a better user experience and more data when creating events.
  • Make Constant Contact customers happy, which will ensure that business continues going forward.


I truly do think if you add these features that it would provide CC with a much better position within the event software market. Thanks for reading!


Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @HughH1


Thank you so much for your detailed and well thought out feedback.

At this point we are only fixing critical bugs with our events system. No new development is currently being done. We are in the process of talking to vendors who specialize in Event Management tools. The goal is to integrate them deep into our product so you're able to use the industry's best Event management tools along with the best email marketing tools. We are confident that once these new tools are in place, many, if not all, of your concerns will be addressed. It is still early in the process but we will update you as soon as we know anything more.


Thank you for using Constant Contact,

Rob L.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

As part of our plans to rework our Event tool, we encourage those who come across this post to comment or kudo the ideas below. Not every request above has a linked post but it has been recorded on our end, including segmentation (which is a great idea given we've introduced a segment tool since the original post). The three below are the most popular requests that have been mentioned.


Create mobile responsive event invitations

Customization of event registration form

Reporting for event landing pages


We are marking this idea as "not currently planned" due to us working on a better event experience in a more advanced tool. While we do not have an update/timeline to share or have a commitment to include all the features listed in the original post, engaging with the above posts will allow you to be notified of any changes or features we may implement. We will also include in-product messaging once we are ready to share news.

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