Filter and Sort After Search

The improvements to the search feature you just released are great but you took away the ability to use the drop downs (Campaigns, Status, Search Relevance and Folders) after you have your search results.


Support told me that "this would be a great feature to add".  I believe that this is a necessary function to be a complete search feature.  Now I can find things with the search that I could not find before, but I cannot qualify the search, which WAS available when the search did not work correctly.  This causes me to scroll down to find the newest emails that I would like to reuse.  Legacy emails always seem to come up first. 

Regular Participant

PLEASE FIX YOUR FREAKING SEARCH. It has been way too long. It's an embarrassment that you have a campaign search that is actually worse than useless. It's so awful. This can't be that hard to fix because it worked before!

Occasional Participant

This search function is a time-wasting feature of Constant Contact. We have 100s (1,000s?) of previous "campaigns." When I search I can get a search result, but the sort function is grayed out and seems to be stuck on "most relevant"--but the returned list is not alphabetical/sorted by date and all found campaigns include in their title the single search term I used. I need to be able to sort search results! At least, could you please make the default behavior to sort by date, with most recent on top? Thanks.

Occasional Participant

I was told by Support that this may be added back in for future updates if enough people complained.  It used to work perfectly, so it can't be that hard to reinstate.  The inability to filter search results by date has greatly increased the time it takes to find an email.  Incredibly frustrating.


Hi - it is frustrating (and has been for years) not to have the sort feature.  In addition, not being able to search on partial keywords in a campaign name is frustrating as well (i.e. if I have a campaign called eaglevalley and want to search I have to remember the full name and can't search by the partial keyword eagle).  I send out between 10-60 campaigns a day and the lack of these features greatly impacts my productivity.  Lastly, since the search feature sorts in some sort of inane, random way that only an engineer might be able to explain, it would be helpful to have navigation controls at the top and bottom as I have to scroll to the bottom of each page searching for the most recent date a campaign was sent to copy and re-send with updated information.  I get development takes time and money but after 2+ years of suffering with a lack of these basic features it would be nice to see some movement or acknowledgement that they are being worked on by development.


Sadly, in looking at the Spring 2023 update, I don't see a fix for the severely broken search "feature."  Would be awesome to have someone from CC explain the methodology for what the order is returned after a search.

Occasional Participant

It is ridiculous how much time I have to waste looking for past emails that I know for a fact have been sent...they are found in my personal email. Sorting and searching is computer science 101. PLEASE FIX THIS! 

Is there a way to see search results in chronological order? I often need to see the most recent communication I sent out on a particular subject but the results seem to be in random order. The dropdown that might allow me to do this is grayed out. (It's first option is "Relevant" but I can't see or select any other option.
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