Holli Scott Vice President of Customer Success

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Holli Scott
Vice President of Customer Success


Dear Holli,

I do have some issues that to date have not been corrected and or addressed.

A few months ago, I answered your advert, and hired CC to build me a new template.

I received it, and gladly paid up front for it,

However, it doesn’t work better than what I had......


  1. The image that I place at very top of my email, comes out on my clients’ email as a completely black image.

I once complained, but was told that it cannot be fixed

It doesn’t work with my new template.


  1. I have always used the spam notification reader and there is nothing apparently that can be done to bring it back with my new design.

It doesn’t work with my new template


My question is ....  Should I be getting a refund for the work you did to enhance my email template, when your new template won’t work with your system.


I hope you are able to help me out.



Denis P Smith         


Art / Sculpture Design Specialists since 1988
Leasing Art / Sculpture to Canadian Business since 1988 


This is your link to learn all you need to know, regarding contant contact mailing service.

It’s the best, ask me why, if you wish.



From: Constant Contact [xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx]
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 12:18 PM
To: Denis Smith <xxxxx@xxxx.xxx>
Subject: Constant Contact Customer Support Survey




Customer Support Survey


Dear Denis,

Our records show you recently contacted our Customer Support team and we are always looking for ways to better serve our fantastic customers.

Please take a brief survey to give us feedback about your experience.  

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Thank you for participating!
Holli Scott
Vice President of Customer Success

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Hey @DenisS37, thanks for reaching out! One of my team members should be reaching out to you today regarding your concerns if they haven't already. I do want to make sure we get in touch with you so please let me know if you don't hear from us or are unable to speak when we give you a ring. 

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