How do I close my account?

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So I won't keep getting billed?
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Hello @JimP55,


To close your account, please call in directly to our Billing team. Their number can be found here

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Seems like an archaic method from a company that claims to be very "customer friendly".  I deleted all of my contacts and closed everything down months ago and yet you still bill me every month.  Why do I have to call the Billing team when I haven't sent an email in months and have nothing left in my account?  Why is there not a "I don't need to send emails anymore" button that simply closes my account? 


I actually forgot that I still had money on the account until you tried to charge a dead credit card that I had used.   Save yourselves the time and hassle of having to deal with a **bleep** off customer and just close my account. Thanks!


Yes, they have a horrible system where they imprison the accounts of their customers.

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