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Need to get my Christmas newsletter out today before I leave and I cannot edit images!!!!  Why would you schedule an update during this busy time of year?!?!?


The image editor is still not working.   Tech support says it's a known issue.   But it's not reflected on the status page.


What good is a status page if it's not honest?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Hey @DDickinson, thanks for reaching out! We used a third party service to allow users to edit their images and this service was unexpectedly discontinued. Due to this, we were able to quickly implement a newer image editor that offers a lot of really cool features. If you have any feedback regarding the new editor, please don't hesitate to let us know. 


Thanks again and sorry for the frustration this had caused. 


I hate the new image editor. I find that it is NOT user friendly. I can't crop images the way I want; and the image looks weird after I've tried to crop. It's difficult to find the other editing options, and it's difficult to figure out how to use them once I do.

When this new photo editor came up after there had been an issue with not being able to access photo editor at all, I honestly believed that there was still something wrong with the photo editor and this was just a temporary place holder. Please don't let this stay this way. It's terrible.


Hey @EmanuelC, thanks for your feedback. With the editor not allowing you to crop the image the way you wanted, in what ways are you trying to crop the image? The editor currently offers the option to drag each corner to your preferred spot and it also gives you the ability to choose preset dimensions. As for the cropped image looking funny, is it just not cropping to where you wanted or is it altering the image in some way? 


I 100 percent agree. The new photo editor is terrible. It is literally unusable. First of all, for cropping, it has fewer standardized formats than the previous version. What happened to the useful formats like 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc.? But even if it had those formats, cropping is not saved. I have tried multiple times and different login sessions, and it just won't save images that have been cropped. Now I have to edit all my photos before uploading them, which takes much longer.

*** THIS IS AN EPIC FAIL. *** Please, Constant Contact, go back to the old photo editor, which was actually quite easy to use and actually worked. As far as I can tell, this "upgrade" simply created a different user interface with no real improvements. In fact, it has FEWER useful features than before. Form over function. It is utterly useless.

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