Include Google Analytics integration for campaigns

Sadly we learned that you just removed the Google Analytics option from the new generation application. This was a great way for us to track how each of our email marketing campaigns are performing and impacting traffic acquisition in our Google Analytics account. Please bring it back!

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we need the Google analytics option too. Got to measure results. will have to look at other email service providers, but like Constant Contact's integration with our data base etapestry.


Cool beans,   I DONT SEE A SOLUTION to this =*(.






Back to mailchimp.


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Would be very useful to have Google Analytics automated UTM tracking implemented to the 3GE template. Thanks!


Please bring this feature back. It seems almost like stepping back in time to remove it in the newest editor. 


Yet another fail of the 3rd gen editor. Used to be so easy to add Google Analytics (tick a box). Now I have to add UTM code to each link. Please bring back that box!


Being able to enter a campaign name for Google analytics in a single bar made organizing tracking from our emails super simple. Now that it is gone, this is an absolute pain! Please bring this function back!

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I agree! This is a huge loss in the new editor. Royal pain to have to use the URL Builder for every single link.

Occasional Participant

Removed Google analytics and didn't tell anyone?  And what is the whole point of email marketing?

Tracking traffic and clicks to the website- but CC didn't think that was an important feature now?

The "work around" is for me to add tracking to every link in the newsletter. This makes no sense at all.


They should not have released new editor without this feature and now they say they "may" add it back.


It is the end of 2018 and I see that people have been asking for this for 2 years!!



Frequent Participant

I agree we need the Google Analytics tracking. It was so simple with the other editor, and now with the 'new and improved editor' it's a hassle. Please, this is a pretty basic request. Thanks.


Any plans on adding Google Analytics tracking back into the 3rd Gen editor? It's essential to evaluating the efficacy of campaigns and justifying the expense of your product.

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