Include Google Analytics integration for campaigns

Sadly we learned that you just removed the Google Analytics option from the new generation application. This was a great way for us to track how each of our email marketing campaigns are performing and impacting traffic acquisition in our Google Analytics account. Please bring it back!

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This would be great! I didn't use CC yet when this was a feature but that would be awesome to add Google UTM codes automatically to all the links in one campaign. It would also make it so much easier to reuse campaigns and have the link code updated automatically throughout. I have always used to copy/paste and generate my links before using in the email. I didn't know what I was missing!

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Yes, please bring this feature back.



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Going to have to add to this - Big reason I am with CC over MailChimp is I loved the HTML editor in the old generator. WHile the new responsive one is cool, i hate that you removed the GA tagging feature. It is one thing to not be able to tweak the html (though, I won;t miss those tables) but dear lord - don't get rid of GA tagging! Please incorporate this feature in the new editor.

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I agree. The feature was very helpful.

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Piping in again on this. Manually tagging all links is really a hassle. Just another request to add this back in. Gotta be able to easily track email marketing results. 

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Removing the ability to create a Google Analytics Campaign Title is very important to our reporting for marketing, and also helps us to understand and track the value of using Constant Contact. The "new generation editor" just dropped this feature without telling us and now we have to use the older editor which is becoming more glitchy, or use the "new" editor that lacks this key functionality. Please bring this back or create some sort of working alternative!

Occasional Participant

It would be very useful if there was an option to automatically add campaign tracking parameters (source, medium, name, etc.) to all URLs in an email campaign.


It's quite laborious to have to add them onto the end of every URL - and then check they are all correct (and not containing parameters from a previously copied campaign!)

Occasional Participant

Edit: in practice, this would mean that you would specify the parameters once and they would be globally applied.


Welcome - more than likely - to another request that falls on Constant Contact's deaf ears and antiquated, buggy system. was much cleaner and easier to use. AND... you can upload backgrounds that DON'T *SHOCK & AWE* - tile. That's another 6+ year, simple request that Constant Contact has totally ignored and which is, necessary for easy, clean design. I can't imagine this is that hard to fix, unless CC has built their code to be that inflexible and is riding this gravy train out as far as possible with the least amount of overhead possible??? 

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