Is anyone else seeing a screen load, then slide off to the right, then the real screen loads?

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Yesterday (12/12) and today (12/13) pretty much every screen (not contacts, though) is loading in a strange manner. (Firefox, no popup blocker).  The screen sort of loads very quickly, then slides off to the right again very quickly, and disappears, then the real screen loads. It is quite disconcerting.  I was able to do a video screen capture and put it into slo-mo and take a screen capture, and it's loading this (below) which then slides away and I see the real screen (reporting, in this case).

screen capture.png

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Hey @Anonymous, thanks so much for sharing this! We just updated the "Videos & Articles" button on the website, which is located at the top right of the page. When you click on that, it initiates a nice sidebar that offers a quick view of our contact information as well as our knowledgebase articles. It's super weird that it's loading in first and then hiding itself and I can understand how that would be a little disconcerting. I'm going to open this idea for voting to see if any other users are experiencing this. 


I did test this on my side and haven't been able to replicate the issue. I wanted to see what version of Firefox you are using and whether you are on a Mac or a Windows PC. 

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Hi Chris - Most recent Firefox, PC Windows 10 Pro.  It also happens in Chrome.  Reporting is the best place to see it.  I think I have uploaded the slo-mo video below. It happens early on; I just didn't crop the last part. (Sorry. . . )


Hey @Anonymous, thanks for sharing that video! We've been able to replicate this issue in Firefox only and are looking into it. It's definitely not intended behavior and once I've got an update on this issue, I'll be sure to share it with you. I'm opening this idea up for voting so others can share any input on it. 


Thanks again for sharing this!

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This was a bug that we were able to fix. Thanks for reporting! 

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