Lag when typing in campaigns

i can type entire sentences before the new editor catches up and actually displays the sentence.  the delay is ridiculous.  this was never a problem in the old editor.  PLEASE FIX THE BUGS IN THE NEW EDITOR OR GIVE US BACK THE OLD EDITOR.


these bugs are killing our productivity and frustrating our employees.  PLEASE ADDRESS THEM.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hi @MonteH31 ,


Thanks for reporting the issue. We do have a recent small number of reports of slowness in typing we're looking into. So far it's been suspected that it has to do with a large amount of content in emails, however, when I looked at your emails they didn't seem all that long. (I only previewed the sent emails, we didn't go into any drafts or make any edits in your emails.) Since these are relatively recent and not consistently reproducible on our end, our technical teams did have some information they were hoping to gather in order to get to the bottom of this.


When you experience a lag in typing, would you say it happens in every campaign that you edit or have you noticed it only certain campaigns or at inconsistent times? Is it safe to assume you're normally copying a previous campaign and making your updates to it when you noticed the delay in typing? Just curious if brand new campaigns behave different than copied campaigns. 


Any additional information you have will help us keep track of when the issue occurs and allow up to narrow down the cause. If it's easier for responses, feel free to email us at with any more info. Sorry for the recent issues you've been running into, I want to make sure they get addressed.


Every campaign, but always copied.  I never create campaigns from scratch anymore.


Also, only in the new editor.  Never had this issue on the old editor.  (Other issues yes, but not this one.)


Appreciate the info. We'll make sure that's noted.


Has this been addressed?!!??? For us it's every email (not large, always copied). It's insane and kills productivity. I just typed two sentences "blind" .... counted to TWENTY before the content appeared and then had to go back and correct because I couldn't see as I typed. Everything is very very slow. But this typing lag is insane. New editor only.


Hi @RoyceM20


We apologize because this is not something all users are experiencing it does have to get tracked and troubleshooted on a case by case basis. This can however sometimes cause us to not have a time estimate of when updates will be made. In fact if you are still having this experience we ask that you please send us the information requested previously in this thread to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com so we can appropriately track this information in your account. In the meantime if we hear anything in the future regarding this defect, we will update the thread. 

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This is now beyond incompetence - management at Constant Contact has been aware of this problem for months and has not fixed it. It used to be that when you called for help you were quickly connected to someone who always resolved the problem. Now they use a call center in the Philippines and you can't understand what they say. I think they need to fire senior engagement who have made all these changes to a system that was working well.


Not all users complaining DOES NOT mean Not all users affected...


How many people have to complain before it gets addressed??


Not a SINGLE reported bug in the new editor has been addressed.



Status changed to: Planned

Update 10/5/2022: Our engineers are in the process of finalizing a fix to the lag when working in campaigns. We found the cause was the autosave functionality attempting to save the campaign much more often than needed. We will update this post again once we hear the fix is ready to be implemented in accounts.


We apologize that we have not been able to provide more timely updates. We felt it was best to update this post when we felt we were close to implementing a solution instead of replying with no true news to share. The lag was connected to other issues that have popped up in the CPE editor and we believe once this is fixed, other improvements will be done as well


So what, five+ months later, ONE bug is allegedly going to be fixed?


What about the others?


The disappearing formatting toolbar?


The fact that pasting scrolls the whole page?


By 2024 everything will be fixed??



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