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With this day and age, I would think that most people check their emails from their mobile phone. Your system does not allow to add a href for a phone number example: (333) 444-5555 I get an invalid url error and it will not let me save my changes. Please let me know if you update your system in the future. Thank you!


I up-vote this as a requested feature - add another option in the GUI editor for phone number with 

<a href="tel:5555555555">Book Now!</a>



Alright - enough is enough. Can this feature please be added ASAP.


This thread is over 2 years old now.


seriously. this is crucial. people need to engage ASAP when they look at their emails. we're losing out here. add the button!

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Years later and still no answer for this? 

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ConstantContact = Constant Disappointments? LISTEN to your customers, please! And don't remove needed features when you 'upgrade'.

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I found a Temporary work around for this.
You can do a redirect to the phone code if you link to your website's redirection.

If you send to

Then have the /call-us/ redirect to "tel:5555555555" (your number) it will then dial on mobile and if on desktop you'll get an option to use Skype if installed or any alternative desktop based phone options.


Temporary work around though of course would prefer if this feature was brought back.


I vote for the phone button, and elimination of the tendency - particularly on iOS and Gmail platforms, for the phone number to turn blue AND unreadable.  Spoils a nicely formatted publication.

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How is this not a thing in the age of mobile devices? Links already support http: https: and mailto:, adding tel: shouldn't be that hard. Sure many devices recognize phone numbers but not always, and sometimes they change the font color making them difficult to read against your email's background. They should all be trackable too since they're all clicks.


This is so needed. I can't see that the feature has been added yet. 

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A successful email campaign is measured by the number of people that acted on it. By making it hard for a mobile user to act on the email, by NOT having the ability to tap and dial, reduces the response rate. Our company is about 50% mobile email opens, and I know of others that are much higher.


Today's mobile users are conditioned to tap the phone number to place a call, it is unrealistic to expect them to write the number down, close the email app, open the phone app, then manually dial the number.


I don't understand why this function is missing from the Constant Contact editor. There is not that much code involved, even accounting for the various mobile operating systems.


Lets put the "contact" back in Constant Contact!

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