More file type export options for reporting

Hello Constant Contact: My Boss is asking me reports of Eblasts and the only thing your system provides is a simple cvs Excel sheet. I don't think this is a Professional Report to "report". Anyone can fake a simple excel sheet. Why you don't have the option to download the full color Report in PDF with your logo and stats? It would be much better and professional. Thank.

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Hi. It would be nice to have a page that contains an easy to read, printable Stats report. This would allow the CC user to share stats with the management team in an efficient manner. If I get the time to create one, I'd love to share it with you.



Printable reports, please! 

Can you please give us a choice to export as .xls spreadsheet instead of just .csv. Some of us don't use MS Office for everything.

Hi @JohnH3885


What reporting from your account are you looking to export into a different file type?


Reply from @JohnH3885 

When reporting the stats from a mailing, the numbers of openings, bounces,
and requests to unsubscribe are exported as a .csv file. I use an Office
emulation program from Oracle which does not open .csv files, but works
fine with .xls format. I can import .xls as well, so importing into
Constant Contact from our CME program, Little Green Light, is no problem,
as it offers me the option to export as both .csv or .xls.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Some great feedback and use cases have been shared in this thread! We’ve compiled and discussed much of this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments happening at this time for more file types to be available when exporting a campaign's report, but we are continuing to share the feedback. We will mark this as Acknowledged and continue to keep this thread updated with any movement.

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