New Event tool Notes

Here are some notes from using the new event tool:

1. Adding content blocks and changing text was not intuitive. The "Basic event info" editor, didn't allow for adding any new blocks. It took a while to figure out that there was a "landing page" associated with the "basic info" page and that landing page editor is buried on the bottom of an additional page after selecting "save" on the basic info

2. Formatting the basic info - adding bullets, Bold, italic, links, etc was not available in the basic event copy.

3. How to send reminder emails and updates to the registrants was not intuitive. The language on your "Email" button only offers to invite people to the event. It doesn't spell out that you can also send emails/updates to the registrants

4. Registration Page is not intuitive - Selecting the number of Tickets from a random drop down before you can register was difficult to figure out. It may be better to go strait to the registration form and then have the option for number of tickets.  This was especially confusing when an event is slated for one registration per person, i.e. everyone who wishes to attend must register individually. there were about 4-5 clicks/steps before one can reach the registration form. I would prefer to simply access the form right away. 

5. Registration Confirmation email - did not work. I registered as a test but never receive a confirmation email  see CTCT Ticket #31499191

6. Can not select the "From" for the confirmation email - It would be nice to select / change the "From" for the confirm emails

7. Font on the registration page and form submission seem to be very small and hard to read

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