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Hi there! I just called in to support because our open and click rates for today's e-newsletter are both sitting at 0% when we know that's not accurate. The support rep told me there's a server error happening at Constant Contact right now, and that things should be resolved in a couple of hours. I went to immediately after that phone call and everything reads there as "100% fine," which is obviously not true, since our open and click rates are still sitting at 0% each. I just wanted to let people know, and to ask if there's a better way/place to check on the server status at Thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback @Shelterforce,


I checked into your issue and it looks like at the time of your call the rep you spoke with believed this to be a 'defect'.  We don't typically update our status page with defects, but only when it's a larger scale issue.  We're currently looking into the issue you experienced to see if it's something larger.  If it is, we will get the status page updated as soon as we know.  I will keep you posted when I know more.

Hello, for some reason my email says no opens, which is really weird for us, also I've opened it.

We have the same issue re the email we send yesterday 22nd May, so may be more widespread than first thought

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Hi Patrick, thanks for your response. I called in to support again yesterday and was told this issue has been queued but that the folks who work on this don't give time frames for when "things like this" will get fixed.


I was told that my only choice was to send our email again. That is unacceptable, I'm not sending the email again and clogging our readers' inboxes. We respect our readers.


Eileen, thanks for letting me know. Clearly there's some kind of glitch in the CC servers that affected multiple peoples' email sends yesterday. I don't understand how and where the distinction is made between a "defect" and a server error, and how that affects how issues are prioritized, but this is frustrating. I hope it gets resolved.


Thank you for the feedback @Shelterforce and @EileenO03,


Our Engineering team was able to locate the source of what caused this issue yesterday and have resolved it for any email going forward.


Unfortunately when these emails were sent the tracking service that we use to collect and calculate the opens and click through reports had timed out.  We have fixed the issue, but unfortunately we don't have a way to update your account with the opens and clicks for any affected email, as that information was never collected.


I know this is very frustrating, and hope that this explanation helps you to understand.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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