Please include an "exclude by tag" feature

When sending out an email blast, it would be very helpful to have an exclude by tag feature. This would allow us to exclude people who had already registered for a seminar so we do not re-invite them. It would also allow us to narrow down our list when sending emails by excluding a single tag instead of including many many tags (more efficient and faster).

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I would be great if there was a feature to exclude certain tags from an emailing. Right now, I have to make a million lists with all the different criteria my clients have so I don't send them things they don't want. It would be much easier if I could just have a master list and then exclude people with a certain tag.
Sometimes I need to exclude a couple of people from receiving a single email and it would be helpful if there was an option to "block" them from receiving the single message without having to delete them from the general contact list.

Not sure how to vote, but we too would like a way to exclude a list.  We several contacts that are on several lists, at times, we want to send to a main list but exlude anyone that is on a specific additional list.

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Instead of the only function of tags being that the main list filters out anything BUT the tags, there should be an option to filter out the tagged contacts, excluding them from that particular sending but not having to delete them from the list or having to create a new list. So maybe have an 'include only' x tag or 'exclude' x tag. I think the tags and segmentation features need a lot of work. See competitor Campaign Monitor for how it all should work!
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Wow, this basic feature has been in demand since 2014 and is still not part of CC.  There is no way to omit specific companies, areas, or people from a list without exporting to Excel and making a new list.  That's crazy, time to look into other suppliers.  

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I found this knowledge base article on how to exclude distribution by tag. However, the ability to do this does not exist on my screen. I opened CC in Chrome and also IE, thinking it was a browser issue but the functionality is the same on both. I am only able to send to a tagged list, not choose a list and click "do not send to those also tagged with x". Attached is a screen snip taken of the only option I have to narrow the list down by tag after choosing a mailing list. After clicking "Limit by tag" I find the tag I want and the only option I have is to send to this smaller list. Please reopen this as a requested change. Here is the article with the screen prints and options that do not exist: tag screen print.JPG



Hi @StacieB23241


I apologize you are not seeing the updated options to narrow down your contacts by the tag. I took a look at your account and can see you are still working in our older Legacy Newsletter Emails. The option to filter tags this way is only available in our Third Generation Editor. The good news is they already have access to this newer editor. Creating a brand new email by clicking Create under the Home or Campaigns tab of their account, selecting email, then choosing the Standard tab in the top left hand corner. This will give your access to these templates.

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