Please support foreign characters

Please work to support foreign characters. Chinese audience is a sizeable chunk of business and for such a large email management tool it is strange that you cannot support it. thanks.

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We are considering this idea to be implemented. Most of these comments were due to the limited support to foreign characters in our legacy editor. With the retirement of that editor, we no longer really have issues with supporting the characters mentioned here. Non-English languages, em dashes, curly quotes, etc. are all displayed as expected. One exception to that may be right to left languages which could run into some alignment issues.

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A client asked for a  ▶ in the subject line. It reverted to ascii code when saved and sent bare ascii code. Can't we get support for some symbols that have been tested and safe for years? I have to tell the client that we can't meet their request because we use Constant Contact.

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Hi. We are very happy with Constant Contact with one exception--lack of support for languages other than English--especially those with non-English characters. We cannot use non-English characters in the subject line at all. And with a language read from right to left (eg--Hebrew) the formatting of the content is a horror!


It's a global world out there Constant Contact. Get with the program!


Due to this, we are currently looking to migrate to another solution. Sorry to have to go but we must meet the needs of our business.




Anything new regarding supporting Arabic language ?

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Can we add Chinese Language to the subject line? it's frustrating for my clients in China that they don't know what is it about when my subject line is in English.
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It's the most ridiculous issue. What kind of program just doesn't allow a vital piece of punctuation? It's like not being able to use a question mark. I can't believe we even are experiencing this issue. I can't believe how many posts about this I've seen on this forum and still nothing has been done. We need an em dash, en dash, and I would really, really like for you to allow us to switch from straight quotes to smart quotes!

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How is it that Constant Contact is supposed to be a great email distribution program and it doesn't allow for the "em dash" or "en dash"? I've had to resort to *gulp* double hyphens!!


Has anyone there taken a grammar or writing course? Have you read all the comments on your boards about this issue?


The em dash is a vital piece of punctuation. I use it daily. Even your forum boards allow for the use of an em dash. However, even copying and pasting won't allow us to use it in our email campaigns.


I can't believe I even have to post this... *sigh*

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Any new updates to this? I hope you can support Arabic language very soon.


It is so confusing that you do not support a language spoken by over 420 million peole but support languages such as the Occitan language spoken by about 1.5 people in southern France. Any there any plans to support Arabic in the future?


I agree.  We really need to have the ability to have icons in the email subject line.  Any updated status on this?

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 We really want this too. 

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