Please tell your sales agent to call mutiple times a day and follow with selling email.

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Please tell you sales agent to stop calling me. This is too much and honestly if this is the way you do business, I might reconsider using other company instead. It is annoying and make you guy look desperate to sell thing. I already sent email to say if I'm interested i will contact back, I got email reply he is available to talk now. I'm not sure if my message isn't clear or not. But please tell your agent to stop calling and send me email. If I am interested, I will pay for everything through online. Thank you

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Hey @RapeephanM, thanks for reaching out regarding this. I've reached out to that representative and confirmed that you'll no longer be receiving any sales related email or phone calls. Our goal is to make sure we're available to support you every step of the way and to make sure you're equipped to utilize Constant Contact to the best of your ability. I definitely understand the annoyance of unwanted calls though, and have made sure to stop those calls from coming. 

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