Recommended for Removal is confusing

Please remove RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL as the DEFAULT category for displayed bounces. If you need a default, it should be ALL BOUNCES. It is a HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME when I have to go back to selecting ALL BOUNCES. All bounces are of concern to me, not just the ones YOU think I should be concerned about. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! Thanks.

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Thanks for all the great feedback on this topic. A lot of the feedback is from several years ago when we first rolled out our new contacts system. We've made plenty of improvements since then, and as a result we've seen feedback around this lessen. Just to close the loop around some of the original feedback, we've released a change to the reporting pages this week and the bounce report will default to "All Bounces" as opposed to the "Recommended for removal" category. Several other changes were released with this as well including the ability to edit the contact in an overlay without having to leave the report, and better explanations for bounce types on this page which we hope make managing your bounces easier.

Getting the other reason on my bounce report and having to view each type of filtered report is so very annoying and more time consuming doing it that way. We keep track of the reasons for the bounces in our customer database so we need this report to be accurate and functioning as it's supposed to be.
I get reports showing I have 12 or 14 etc bounces and when I click to view I am only allowed to see 4 or 5 email address. I am not being allowed to view the entire report? Am I doing something wrong? I don't see any other button to click on to view additional information.
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Mike, I am sorry that you weren't seeing all your bounces! We have prioritzed those that are "Recommended for Removal" to display first, but you can change this view to see "All Bounce Types" using the menu at the top of your bounce list. Here is a great article that explains what you're seeing and how you can change it if you would like: Bounces recommended for removal


If you have any questions or feedback about this, please don't hesitate to call us at 855-229-5506 when you're ready!

The new format to move bounces is cumbersome. The old system was so much better.

We need one list of ALL bounces recommended for removal with the bounce reason.

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I follow the directions for managing bounces but the report will not download. It just runs and runs. This used to be SO easy! What can I do to speed up this process?  I have over 1000 bounces.  Does that make a difference in how this should work?


Hello Steve,


I just had a chance to take a look at your account and was able to look into your activity and I do see a bounce report was exported for over 1000 contacts. Can you tell me if you are still having a problem exporting the bounce messages? If so can you walk me through the process so that I can try to replicate the trouble that you are currently having.



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Why cant I find this list? I have been looking and looking and I have been with you guys for awhile and usually I could delete the bounces- now it seems hid so I have to pay for emails that I cant even use. Please, advise. Thank you, Cheri :-D

Hi Cheri,


You will find information on managing your bounces in the link below:


Remove Bounced Email Addresses

I really dislike the updates you have made. It is so much more cumbersome now. Adding contacts to lists - I used to be able to submit and then fix any invalid emails. Now, I have to scroll endlessly, find one, fix it and get bumped to the bottom of the list and have to scroll, find my place and repeat the painful process. The create list name piece at the end is klugy, often creating the list with the wrong name before I am done typing. I can't see any detail on bounce-backs. Was their mailbox full, bad email address, server rejected as spam. Just Email was not delivered. Not helpful at all when a customer calls complaining that she isn't getting our emails. Please roll-back the updates to the interface and return it to a more user-friendly state.
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