Redirect to login does not redirect to login

When you are logged out due to inactivity you are given two options. The first is to say that you are done. The second is for if you'd like to log back in. When you click the option to log back in it takes you to a page where you can fill out a form to request info on something... not to the login page. There is no place to log in on the page it redirects you to. It's very annoying. Please fix.
Super Participant

My concern is not that you log me out (though sometimes it happens very quickly. If you feel you have to do that for security reasons, then I'll live with it. But what is super annoying is that when you do it you offer up a link to "log back in" but it doesn't take you to a login page. There should be a single link to click, or better yet, offer up a login form right on that notification page where you tell me you logged me out.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

The Contacts area was the last major area to have the issue where the "Log back in" didn't go to the right page.  This should now be fixed, but please let us know if you're seeing this problem. 

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