Salesforce app; Uploads Failed - Internal Server Error & suggestion for improvement of the app

When using the Constant Contact for Salesforce app in Salesforce to upload Salesforce leads to Contant Contact I began receiving a a report status: "Uploads Failed" and a comment, "Internal Server Error" after I click the Finish button during the last step of the upload process.  The his been happening since before May 2014.  I had several very long telephone conversation with both Constant Contact tier 2 support and Salesforce technical support. Several calls where with both SF and CC reps were together with me on a conference call.  At one point it was determined that the app should be remove on both CC and SF.  I then reinstall Version 2 of the app.  In the process I discovered that there were several versions of the installation instuction on the CC site.  All had errors.  After finally successfully installing the app, the errors continued and continue to this day, 2 months later.  I am told that CC is aware of the problem.  Checking SF Activity I see that the Leads are being uploaded, but I can never be sure as I get the error report after every upload.


As the Constant Contact for Salesforce app is being rewrittin, and I assume this is the case, I strongly suggest that the next version have capability similar to the ***removed by mod*** for Salesforce app, which is available through the SalesForce app exchange.  This app has the ability to sync new Lead list data automatically, which the Constant Contact Salesforce app does not.  Contact data received on our website is feed directly to Salesforce (Web to Lead) and it are these new leads that we upload daily to CC manually.  We should have the ability to make this happen automatically.  If ***removed by mod*** can do it why not Constant Contact.


This is happening to us as well. We've been manually downloading our contact list then importing into Constant Contact since June 2014. I got the phone number to the tier 2 support but when I called it goes to a survey company. Is there a status update or a process for us to remedy this situation? I'd really like a solution at this point.

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Hannah M,

Can you escalate this issue which has been problem since the summer of 2014.

Status changed to: Coming Soon
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented
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