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It would be nice if we could create blocks that we could save into a library of sorts. All of our campaigns use similar contact blocks but very different headers. It would be nice to not have to recreate the block from scratch, or to exit the campaign, find the other campaign, copy the code, then head back to the original campaign.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight into your feedback.


Thank you for all of your feedback on this topic; I know this request has been around for many years. This is something we would love to be able to implement. We’ve had some plans in the past that have been reprioritized. The current thought is that we hope we will be able to focus on this at some point in the future, and some of the ideas floated around have been really cool! That being said, I don’t have any sort of estimated time that it might be accomplished. We do have a potential new feature coming this quarter that may help. We will keep this thread updated.

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I often have the same block in multiple newsletters, either because two different audiences want the same info, or because it is an event that gets included a few times.


It would be great to have a tab or button, like the delete, move, copy buttons, that would let me copy a complete block to another newsletter draft instead of rebuilding it. This would also be helpful for creating multiple small variations for testing. 


It would save me so much time. 


I've been using this workaround to copy whole blocks:

1. Select the HTML button of the source block

2. Copy the entire contents

3. Paste the HYML contents to a text editor (both for multiple uses and for safety)

4. Select the HTML button in a block in the target block

5. Paste the HTML for the contents that I want.


This has been working and saves me from always needing to start from scratch.

For Constant Contact accounts, when we sign up you ask for a company logo right at the start which is good. I would love for some way to input company color palettes as well. The closest right now is the "Most recent colors" (or whatever it's called) but it would be nice to be able to store various hex values into a corporate palette to keep branding consistent. Just a thought!
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You need a simple way to copy content from past campaigns to paste into new campaigns. Currently, as near as I can tell, the only way to get content from past campaigns is to make a copy of the campaign and then select and copy the content in the HTML code view for copying into the new campaign. At least, there should be a way to open past campaigns for copying only. Best would be the capability to copy blocks from one campaign to another.
What happened to all the Newsletter Templates?
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I often need to copy material from an older newsletter into a new one and find it very cumbersome to have to close one, go out, copy, close and then reopen the original again. Is there a way to keep two newsletters open at once?
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I agree it would be quite useful and a valuable time saver if there were a way to 'cut and paste' formatted content between multiple newsletters. This would be at the top of my Constant Contact Wish List.


I wish there was a way to save an entire block/section so that if I were to build another email, I could drag and drop the "Membership Block" and/or "Product Block" into that email and edit it from there instead of having to find it in an old email to copy it or having to rebuild it in a new email.

Could Constant Contact PLEASE create some sort of library (preferably with a search function) where individual blocks could be saved?  It would be GREAT if there was a way to save individual blocks to be used in future emails. I send out an email weekly with several blocks repeated from the previous email. Some blocks, however, are only sent out once a month, or even every other month. The only way I have found to do this is to close the current campaign I'm working on and go back to previous campaigns and scroll through them to find what I am looking for.  It is not easy to identify which campaigns contain the blocks I need, especially those which are used infrequently.  It is especially difficult since all my campaigns are named the same thing, except for the date (which appears at the end of the campaign title).


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