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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

would be extremely helpful to have the list of contact that can't be added to list
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Before the upgrade, it was possible to view the contacts that were not able to be uploaded to a contact list (generally due to past unsubscribes). This was a very useful feature, as it allowed users to update their external lists to ensure all unsubscribes are removed, and also allowed the notice of any previously unsubscribed contacts who were attempting to re-subscribe. Is there a way to access this list now?
I need more the a 7 day history of activity! I can't tell now when the last time I updated my contacts. Please take it back to the way it was!
When a contact unsubscribes there is no way to access what email list they were on. That is information we need to know. The old format allowed this, but this new one does not.
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When removing contacts from a list, the Activity page shows that these contacts were added. Added 5491 Contacts to Lists should be Removed 5491 Contacts to Lists. Keeping an activity record is not helpful if the record is inaccurate. This may lead to confusion, inefficiency and possible corruption of contact lists and should be corrected.
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What happened to the red list of unsubscribes I used to get when I uploaded a list?
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It would be helpful to see the unsubscribed date
When I upload a new list of contacts, it gives me a few errors that so many people cannot be added because they have previously unsubscribed. That is great information, except it will not tell me WHO the unsubscribed people are to remove from my personal list. It would take me hours to go through my whole unsubscribed list to pin point the one or two that I am currently trying to upload unsuccessfully. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!
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In order to better manage our lists and reconcile them with our other systems, it is important that I have the unsubscribe date separate from all other dates. The last updated date includes too many different update functions. Please separate the unsubscribes and preference updates to be on their own - other wise we cannot get an accurate reporting of either of these by date.
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Can I see which of my records had unsubscribed and therefore could not be added, when I recently uploaded a spreadsheet?
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