Select or exclude individual contacts/lists when sending email

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While the segmenting feature is useful for some instances of exclusion/suppression, it certainly does not cover all possible use cases. Often, I am sending an email to a list with hundreds or thousands of email addresses, but I want to exclude everyone in a specific region, or that works for a group of specific companies. Other email service providers make this very easy to simply filter your list by those fields and exclude or include using the information in those specific fields. I don't need to create a permanent list of everyone in the state of New York, or who works from Company A, it's just that the information in this one time email send is not relevant to them. Creating a separate list or tag for a one time email send (or even 3-4 sends) is a waste of time.

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We apologize for the delay in our response, but would like to collect further details about what you're looking for. How would you expect to exclude groups of contacts without isolating through a list or a segment? In these cases where the information in a email is not relevant to those specific contacts, do dynamic content blocks help fit your needs?

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Other email service providers I have used in the past allow you to just select 1 or 2 contacts if needed. Both for suppression from the list and for inclusion. So you could select a list and send it to a select few contacts on that list. Or you might be sending something to a list and know that a handful of individual contacts don't need the email. In addition to the examples listed previously, there are plenty of other examples for why this would be useful. I may have had an individual conversation with a small group of people and know they don't need the email I am sending. And no, dynamic content blocks would not be sufficient in ensuring a small group of individuals, or everyone from a certain state, or working for a certain company simply doesn't receive an email. 




Thanks for following up with these details!  We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and will continue to collect both requests along with use case examples. In the meantime, for any users also looking for this option we recommend the ability to filter by 'AND' and 'IS NOT' via segments and sending to the saved segment.

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