Show which contacts were previously unsubscribed upon import

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When uploading a new email list, it will tell you the number of contacts that unsubscribed however it won't tell you exactly which contacts/email addresses. It would be very helpful for it to automatically show you which contacts they were because right now I have to manually search 218 contacts to find out which 4 are on the unsubscribed list which is a HUGE waste of my time.

I added contacts via a file upload. There were 64 contacts in my file. The activity page says the import completed with 62 new contacts added and 2 updated. How do I know which 2 were already in there and were just updated? It doesn't list them and there is no link or way to see which 2 contacts it's referring to. I want to open those 2 contacts and verify the data that's now in those records.
I think you guys should provide a list of entrees that are updated. I am inputting contacts and it tells me at the end how many were put into the data base and how many were updated. I should not have any that are updated. I am assuming its taking similar entry's and changing them.
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It appears that a previous contacts list had a contact unsubscribed in error.  The new list doesn't even show her name so I tried to add her.  The system would not let me add her because she was previously unsubscribed.  I'm trying to correct an error.  Anybody know how to do that and get her added back into contacts?

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