Survey - Add Date Field Type

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Still no date field option.......Will have to start looking for a replacement.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @MargaretT26 what kind of date field are you looking to see in your survey campaign?

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I will ask what date an activity began or ended. Currently, I have to use the text field and hope they enter the date. It would be nice to have a date field.


Status changed to: Gathering Information

That's good feedback. I can see how having to use a text field will result in inconsistent formatting which will make it difficult to analyze your results. We are changing the status of this for others to weigh in and also request this. I've also updated the subject line to make it more clear for others searching for this.


This is something I am interested in as well. Though, based on the lack of feedback, it has little community interest.


Use case: set up reoccurring email with a field that automatically updates based on the date sent.

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