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I am having difficulty with images appearing in constant contact during the preview stage. I reached out to support last friday, 2.14.20, via chat and the representative told me it was an issue that other customers were having and that tech support would reach out once it was resolved. I attempted to resend the email on monday 2.17.20 and the same issue occured. I reached out to support via chat and was told the same thing, tech support is working on it. I'll receive an email once the issue is resolved. 


It's now 2.21.20 and I haven't received an email about the issue being resolved. I reached out to support on the phone at 10:53 am CST hoping to have better results talking with a person. However, the representative was less helpful than the support I spoke with on chat. His only response "everything looks good on our end." When he suggested it might be a browser issue I asked him how to resolve it "sure, you can google the steps." 


If I his only answer was to "google" then why does tech support exist?



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Hi @SusanP07482. I apologize for the experience that you had last week when speaking to our Support team. The issue that you were having with images not appearing while previewing an email is being investigated by our teams and before they are able to resolve it, they need to review instances of this happening since this is not a widespread issue for all customers so the resolution time may be longer. 


I'm personally not able to review the call you had on the 21st but I will forward your feedback over to our Support leaders. We have a few different browser help articles and I will leave them here in my reply in case one of them fits your needs. Please reply if this is not what you are looking for.


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We are relatively new but we have received exemplary service.


Hi @StephenB445 thanks for sharing this feedback! We're happy to hear you've had a great experience with our Support. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything we can help with in the meantime.

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