This upgrade is a disaster! Would be better to call this a downgrade!

 So upset with Constant Contact!  The user experience is now horrible and takes double the time. Typing, color/font changes, moving blocks, images, dividers, has all gone down hill.  We are so upset about this experience we may look elsewhere.  Constant Contact if you are listening...hope your team is working to restore to the previous version or you may lose clients.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Hi @DavidC35


We're sorry to hear you feel this way about our updated editor. Can you please share further details on what exactly you're experiencing? This is helpful information for us to have an track on your behalf.

Status changed to: Gathering Information

For example,


Pasting (even in the same block) scrolls the entire page.


The text format toolbar is typically off the page and inaccessible.


Image handling was changed for no apparent reason from the last editor.


Images are not accessible from the sidebar, if you scroll to the bottom, it ends, despite many many more images being in my account.


Chat customer service is totally unresponsive.


Shall I continue?


Couldn’t agree with you more. 


Hi @user513211


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. Where are you pasting your text from? What browser are you working in? On the other hand, the experiences you're describing with the text toolbar as well as the images in your account are both defects we are in the process of troubleshooting. The workarounds we suggest are the following:

  • For your toolbar - Separate the text into multiple text boxes or scroll down to the bottom of the block to use the toolbar.
  • For images not displaying on the sidebar - Upload the images into a specific library folder. which allows the system to perform better. 


As for our chat support, if you can email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, a reference to this post and any further feedback you can share on your experience with this team we would be happy to submit it to the appropriate teams on your behalf.


Hi @CatDelett


We can see you have also shared your feedback on our updated editor in a thread of your own. We will continue to assist you directly on that thread.

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Information

Hello. We are closing this post since we did not receive the requested information from a few commenters. If you wish to follow up, please comment on the post with the information requested and we can reopen the conversation.

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