Time Campaign is Sent on Campaigns page

How is this still not implemented?

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It would be helpful to have the scheduled date and time on the campaign main page. The created date is there but the scheduled date would be helful as well
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It has the date, but is missing the time...?
In the past we were able to see the time emails are scheduled. Now you have to click on each email to see the time. That is not very practical when you scheduled more than one email day. It would be great to have this feature back.

CC took away 2 things:

1. The date and time that emails are scheduled for in the "Status" folder.

2. The Marketing Calendar which was the only way to know what time emails were scheduled for.


We need one or the other to know when emails are scheduled to send. Day and time are important.


It's really important to know what time each email is scheduled to be sent. We send out multiple emails per day - we cannot keep track of the TIME that each email is going to be sent without the Marketing Calendar or time stamp.


Enough said

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When an email is scheduled, it shows the date it will be sent on the Homepage or My Campaigns page, but it would also be very helpful to show the time it will be sent too. Sometimes I have to send multiple emails in 1 day but they need to be sent in a certain order. Showing the time each was going to be sent would be very helpful.



Maybe I'm missing a short cut somewhere - but when we have posts that are scheduled to go out, especially if they're done by someone else on the team, I don't see what time they're scheduled - and I have to unschedule the post to go in and see what time they're scheduled. I thought it would be great if the time they're scheduled was beside the "scheduled" indicator.


Stacy Webb

Compass Family Services


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Currently, scheduled campaigns only show the scheduled date unless you click on the campaign. PLEASE add the time by the date. 

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Please show the time e-blasts are scheduled in the preview.
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