Tool box is blocked

When I'm trying to edit a block the tool box gets in the way and I can't see what I'm trying to edit in the header. This is very annoying. I mentioned it last year in a chat and it still isn't fixed!



Me too, it wasn't like this before. Makes it impossible to write.

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Agreed! This is so annoying and distracting! We shouldn't have to scroll down continuously as we type, the box should pop up elsewhere on the screen like it does in other applications. 

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When I go to edit text, the toolbox shows up hidden, I have to chase it around the screen trying to get it to a position where I can actually use it. This didn't happend before all the system changes that have been made recently. Please fix asap and keep me updated. see screenshotCapture.PNGtb.PNG


This is really annoying! Sometimes the toolbox covers text I'm trying to edit (when the text is at the top of an email) and sometimes, anywhere in an email, the toolbox disappears entirely! Please fix this!


I also continue having this issue with the editing toolbox covering the text I want to edit. I checked my zoom ratio, it is that way when I'm at 100%. It is discouraging to see all the comments that people have been having this issue dating back to 2019. Why can't the toolbox be movable, or on the side rather than in the text itself?

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Agree with @CherylW69. So many web interfaces, whether email design, chat logs, or anything else, offer a toolbar in a way you can actually use it. If it's hard to control where it pops up, why not build it into the module's layout instead of being a popup. Even that can be a problem if you have to scroll up to the top of a long comment to reach the toolbar, but at least you can get to it and use it. It really would be helpful to know if this is actually on the developers' worklist.

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