Toolbar disappears and drops to bottom of large block

The new version of Constant Contact is not user friendly.  Simple COPY and edit of campaigns is taking an extraordinary amount of time which most of us do not have to spare.  I do not find any of the features effective.  Why does an editing bar stay at only the top and bottom of the campaign?  Why when text is pasted in does the cursor move to the top of the campaign - every time?  Please bring back the familiar, user friendly constant contact that worked well for your clients.  I cannot afford to spend the amount of time now required with this update to edit a simple email campaign.  Time is valuable, please fix this!

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Hi all. After speaking with our teams, the toolbar functionality is being included as part of a larger project to address some concerns with the formatting toolbar and the overlay with various blocks. We'll update the thread once have more information to share regarding when you can expect this update.


For now, you can separate the text into multiple text boxes or to scroll down to the bottom of the block to use the toolbar.


Updated 1/27/23


Hi everyone,


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the formatting toolbar. There are many factors including low number of requests that can sometimes cause us to not have a time estimate of when a feature will be available or a defect will be fixed. In this specific case, these type of defects are not site wide and do get handled on a case-by-case bases. We can however confirm it is set to be worked on to be fixed in a future release. When we hear any further updates we will update the thread. In the meantime the workarounds we recommend are to separate the text into multiple text boxes or to scroll down to the bottom of the block to use the toolbar.

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What exactly are you seeing happen when you try to copy and edit your campaigns? IT PASTES AND THEN I CANNOT EASILY EDIT, THE CURSOR GOES TO THE TOP OF THE DOCUMENT.  What steps are you taking that is now taking more time than before? EDITING AND FORMATTING DUE TO THE AWKWARD LOCATION OF THE TOOL BAR (ONLY AT TOP AND BOTTOM) AND THAT THE CURSOR MOVES BACK TO THE TOP AFTER EACH CHANGE.  As for copying and pasting your text, what browser type and version are you working in? Operating system type and version?  I USE SAFARI AND GOOGLE CHROME ON A MacBook Pro.   Mac OS MOHAVE 10.14.6


Hi @KathleenP830


Thanks for following up with these details! We have tracked them in your account and submitted them to the appropriate teams on your behalf.

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Exactly what all the other above commentators have said. Editing and formatting text is now so time consuming as to be useless. Your suggested work-around is also useless when doing large copy & paste blocks. This used to work just fine, but you "made it better".  I charge my time by the hour, but don't feel justified in charging extra time to deal with your programming errors.  You're costing me money. Please fix this editor ASAP.

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This is a BUG not a FEATURE REQUEST.

Fix the dang bugs already.

Reformatting my emails as a workaround is not a viable solution.

And fix the fact that I can't paste text either.

More copouts, more delays and no solutions...honestly, it's just pathetic...


Hi @user59424

Feedback isn't specifically a feature request area. We're able to track instances of parts of the product not working properly. Through these posts, we're able to update those who are affected by issues like the toolbar not operating properly. These type of defects do get handled on a case-by-case bases so we can't guarantee a timeline. But we can confirm the defect is being worked on to be fixed for a future release.

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What genius decided to make changing font size, color, and setting so difficult in the latest versions?

When you highlighted text in the past, the pop-up menu was front and center when you are on your email or memo.

Now, you must scroll to to top of the page each time to change color, provide a link, or edit in any way.

I worked perfectly 4 months ago and now it keeps changing every month.

For someone who sends email out 5 days a week, this has added to my time and increased my frustration level that I am now looking at other products.

You must be getting blasted with emails about these changes and requests to put it back to where it was months ago.

Please santa, put it back and keep it easy!


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Very frustrating..the tool bar is stuck on the messaging page which doesn't allow typing a message for a newsletter. I'm told cc is having a problem and in the meantime putting everything in boxes might help. This is just unacceptable.

Wait times on the phone are out of control long, the chat box can only do so much and doesnt' have screen share and now I'm supposed to wait for an email for when cc has it problem resolved. In the meantime I am not able to type or send new emails. Just really ridiculous.

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