Unable to create multi-level bulleted list using tab key

The TAB key no longer has any effect in campaign text and all of my bulleted lists have been hosed.  What the heck are you all doing over there?  STOP SCREWING THINGS UP!  PLEASE!  Reloading, copying and pasting, copying and pasting plain text, nothing resolves the inability to TAB or make a simple bulleted list.  I mean c'mon...how did this get screwed up??


Any updates on this? This is super frustrating!


Sooooo....over a month has passed....no updates at all....what does your "product team" actually do?  We are reaching the point where we have to decide if it is less work to switch to a new platform than to continue to redo our emails manually....maybe if we felt like anyone at Constant Contact actually cared, if would be a harder decision, but we as CUSTOMERS receive exactly ZERO support from Constant Contact...I mean are you all this bad on purpose?  Who honestly thinks you are doing right by the customer?  It's nothing less than shameful how we are treated...a platform that doesn't work and doesn't get fixed...


The wait is over...The support team finally replied today...This answer is priceless and pathetic:



I am following up to the issue you reported with the Tab key inconsistently behaving within the email. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

The tab key is not a supported character or supported functionality within our email editor currently. We apologize this issue caused confusion regarding this functionality. At this time, the tab key is no longer functionable within our cross platform editor.

If you have provided feedback on the ability to use the tab key to indent within text blocks, we assure you we are evaluating all feedback regarding this feature. If there are any additional questions or if there is a need for immediate assistance, please call into our support direct line.

Thank you for using Constant Contact,

Constant Contact Support Team


You have to love it - they broke another feature - they can't (or won't) fix it, so now it's a feature request.  Absolutely shameless.  Shaking my head.


My response:



It took multiple months for you to confirm that you broke a feature that you didn't even know you had.
And rather than fix it, you just revised the specification to declare it unsupported.
That would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic.
Heck it's the TAB key....
just the TAB key...
I'm speechless
And you should be ashamed

Constant Contact, to clarify: does this mean there is simply no way to create multilevel bulleted lists in the new editor and no immediate plans to make that possible again?

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Hi all. You can create multi-level bulleted lists by using the indent/outdent option in the toolbar (please note this option is only available in the CPE editor). This was recently implemented as part of our continued changes and updates to the CPE editor.





In regards to the request to use the Tab key both for paragraph and bulleted list indenting, the underlying editor we use for the cross-platform editor does not support a tab character in its code. Because of this, we are not able to accept the usage of the tab key. The indent/outdent option will need to be used in place of it.


We will be closing this idea since the overall need for an indent/outdent feature has been implemented.

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