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Hello, I have some ideas that I am hoping you can implement in the social media campaigns. 1. After a post is scheduled, have a button to schedule another post. Right now there are only options to still interact with that post and I have to go to a different page to create a new one. 2. If we have a post that is multiple images, could we either have a push notification, or Sked Social has been able to figure out how to automatically post an Instagram carousel so perhaps there is software you could also adapt. I would greatly appreciate any work you can put forth in these aspects. Thank you.

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Will you be restoring our ability to schedule multiple posts (i.e., sharing the same posts over several days)?

Hi @ESPinNapa


At this time being able to schedule multiple social posts at once is not an available feature. We have however merged your post into the correct thread so your feedback can be tracked appropriately.


Podrían instalar algún servicio para que mis post diarios se puedan repetir cada dos horas o cada determinado tiempo.


Mi empresa es de ventas y estoy poniendo mis post de publicidad todos los días, pero quisiera que también me aparezcan cada dos horas, o varias veces por día, sin tener que hacerlo manual, ya que me quita mucho tiempo, podrían implementar algún sistema que sea automatizado, sería muy conveniente para mí y para otras empresas de gran utilidad sobre todo para los que hacemos ventas.


Gracias por su atención



Miriam Ruiz

Seeable Sites LLC


A calendar for what you currently have scheduled would be awesome!  It can show what days you have things scheduled. 

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