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To whom it may concern,

So far I'm very disappointed with the constant contact service. I was told this is an all one place do all, but so far my phone called getting me in contact with rude and people with no help. I'm still trying to figure out how to design my website. I think these are the people that are in charge of 

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Hi @PB.J thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize this is the experience you've had with your website builder support. This is definitely not the experience we want users to have. With that said, are you still in need of any further help in your account? If so, we would be happy to submit a callback request on your behalf. We ask that you please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com from a verified account email address with your username, contact name, phone number, email address, and any further details on how you can be assisted.

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I agree with PB.J.  I use to love the support that I received when I started in 2019.  The customer service reps were in Tempe, AZ. I'm in Arizona too!  You were able to be on the phone with them to work thru any issues you were having.  Now the CSR are in the Philippines and I'm unable to get someone that understands any issues I'm having, I can't understand them, the noise level on their end is horrible, I never get a resolution, and I never can even get anything solved or fixed while on the phone.  The CSR's that I've talked to constantly repeat my words and theirs, read from a script and waste my time. Escalation teams, email you a case number, and you never hear anything again.


I pay for a service that I don't get anymore.  It's time to look for a customer service oriented website and email marketing company.

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I received the same BS about the escalation team and "someone will follow up with you". Don't forget about " there's no time limit for this case". It's took 2 months  to finally transferred my domain from to constant contact. What make this worst is that and constant contact is the same company. runs the website portion for constant contact, but it took the 2 months to transferred my domain to the same company.  I called and email multiple times, with no result.  I own a party rental company and this is the season for the company to make the most money. Because of the poor service, my website going up and down for hours at a time and  customers unable to use my website, I end up losing more money.  I lost out in many customers and rental opportunities.  I left for poor customer service to move to constant contact, not knowing it the same company with poor customer service.  During one of my call, I had a rep from the USA told me that "you could only ask 3 questions and you  have to call back to ask another set of 3 questions. He told me "just like his authorities at work , I get to ask 3 question and call back". I had to hang the phone to keep me from getting angry. I'm planning to transfer to a different website host when the summer is over.  Poor consumer service seems to be what this company promotes.

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